Montana Tech, Western is preparing for the shortened football season in the spring

News Highlights: Montana Tech, Western is preparing for the shortened football season in the spring

BUTTE – Kyle Samson was officially introduced as Montana Tech’s next football coach last January, becoming only the third person to lead the Orediggers for the past 33 years.

More than a year later, he is still patiently waiting to coach his first college game.

“There are much worse things going on in the world with this pandemic,” Samson said. “We are lucky that we come to work every day and our children go to school.”

If all goes to plan and a COVID-19 outbreak doesn’t derail things, Samson will make its debut in March while the Frontier Conference are sites on a shortened spring season that was originally supposed to start in February. Teams play four or five games,

With Montana and Montana State already bowing out of the Big Sky Conference spring season – although the Grizzlies and Bobcats still leave the door open for one or two non-conference games – anyone can guess whether Frontier schools will eventually launch this spring. But teams are still determined to be ready when the stars line up.

“We’re going to do everything we can to be prepared and ready to go,” Samson said. ‘I think at this point we know it’s only one day at a time. We really don’t look two months further; we look at what we can do to get better today. “

In Dillon, Ryan Nourse, Montana Western’s head soccer coach, said his team has trained indoors and will start exercising outdoors on the first day of March, weather permitting.

“Our plan is to go out on March 1 and see what we can do in terms of practice,” said Nourse. ‘We’re going to play it by ear a little bit and we’re going out. We will pay with what we can as long as the preparation is effective.

“We were lucky in the fall that we got all the opportunities we got. We have much more than what a camp would be. It will be nice to go back to game planning and preparation to play on Saturday, and not just practice. “

Whether players take to the field in March or teams instead begin to see a return in the fall, there’s little doubt that the Treasure State is looking to get college football back on track.

“I know my own children, especially my oldest son Troy, are very excited about that,” Samson said. “For the first time in a long time he will also be able to stand on the sidelines with his father. And I’m excited about that. But I know our kids are looking forward to that too. I mean, just the chance to get out there and play the game they love. ”

Tech opens its season on March 20 on MSU-Northern, while Western heads to Eastern Oregon. The Orediggers and Bulldogs will then collide in Butte on March 27.


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