Mercury Launches Industry-First Safe, SOSA-Aligned Mission Computer

The Overview

Mercury Systems has debuted its Avionics Modular Mission Platform (AMMP), the industry’s first and only SOSA-aligned, DAL-certifiable, 3U OpenVPX mission computer. Featuring the latest Intel Core i7 safety-certifiable processors, AMMP delivers up to 40X more performance than current-generation avionics computers while drawing 50% less power. It’s well-suited to a wide range of platforms including rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, ground stations, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Who Needs It & Why?

By leveraging AI and autonomous capabilities, Mercury’s modular and scalable mission computer improves decision accuracy and response times for pilots, making the pilots and their aircraft safer and more capable. In many cases, safety-certified flight mission computers are built with custom or proprietary architectures that make them difficult and expensive to maintain and upgrade. Mercury’s AMMP aligns with the U.S. Department of Defense’s need for open mission systems that support its modular open-systems approach (MOSA) mandate.

Under the Hood

Mercury’s AMMP is purpose-built to support advanced and real-time safety-critical applications such as mission management, sensor fusion/processing, surveillance, 5G communications, and artificial intelligence. The computer comes integrated with Mercury’s BuiltSAFE commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-core single-board computers, avionics I/O, video processing, and software. Those features help deliver flawless performance while simplifying integration and the certification process, saving customers time and cost.

The system, built with open architectures and the latest safety-certifiable commercial technology, includes:

  • SOSA-aligned architecture for faster integration and sustainment at a lower cost.
  • Multiple Intel Core i7 Gen 11 processors with integrated GPUs for increased performance.
  • A range of avionics I/O including ARINC-429 to capture and distribute HD video.
  • Fully configurable, independent 3U boards to run multiple, mixed-safety workloads.
  • Rugged, compact, and low-power design to reduce risk and save aircraft resources.
  • Green Hills, Lynx, and Linux board support packages to achieve FAA CAST-32A objectives.

Mercury also can integrate a display, mapping system, cockpit management system, and sensors with AMMP to maximize interoperability, optimize display performance, and save customer integration time.