Computer peripherals maker Logitech ramping up offerings to meet increased demand

News Highlights: Computer peripherals maker Logitech ramping up offerings to meet increased demand.

Driven by increased demand from home-working pandemics, Swiss-American computer peripherals and software manufacturer Logitech is expanding its offering in India.

According to Ashok Jangra, Cluster Category Head, South West Asia, Logitech, the company is already witnessing increasing adoption across its portfolio to meet the demand for remote working, learning and creativity solutions, including premium offerings such as multi-device connectivity options , video conferencing solutions, wireless and so on.

The company is working to meet the increasing demand for peripherals such as wireless keyboards (for connecting laptops, PCs, tablets and even smartphones to enhance home workplaces).

“We are going to explore all categories that help you work from anywhere. There is a clear shift in consumer patterns towards premium products such as wireless mice, high-resolution webcams and multi-device connectivity products, ”he told BusinessLine.

Pre-pandemic consumer trends have witnessed an increasing demand for gaming peripherals, home office solutions and video communications, as well as an increase in content creation. Premium offerings (such as wireless mouse and multi-device keyboard) were particularly preferred by professionals and content creators. These trends were the driving force behind Logitech’s growth.

When the lockdown took effect in India (and around the world), these trends accelerated. Picked up homework; demand patterns grew. The upgrading of workplaces at home also gained ground.

High growth

According to Bracken Darrell, President & CEO of Logitech International, the high growth for these trends has driven demand. For example, the growth of video calling created the need for high-quality video at home, in office workstations and in conference rooms. “For Logitech, that simply means growth,” he said during an earnings call, adding, “Streaming and creating is also poised for long-term growth.”

Darrell says there are now 1.7 million podcasts to listen to, and untold Instagramers and streamers to watch. These are examples of the democratization of digital content, and this trend grew into the pandemic, during the pandemic, and will certainly increase after the pandemic.

“Given its increasing ubiquity… streaming and creating could one day become one of our largest product categories,” he added.

Financial results

Logitech’s financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2021 (including its operations in India) showed that the company, listed on the NASDAQ and SIX, more than quadrupled sales of PC webcams and increased sales since the beginning of the year. years more than tripled. Tablet and other accessory sales for the quarter more than quadrupled to $ 238 million; and video collaboration sales more than tripled to $ 293 million.

Sales in India and Southwest Asia, which are not reported separately, are included in the global figures.


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