Drones have continued to grow in popularity in recent years with a lot of people appreciating the excitement and fun that comes with flying this cute, little remotely controlled aircraft. The ease of buying drones has also been accelerated with the aid of the Internet. You can be sure to get the best deals in the market with the help of reputable review platforms such as; Uk.collected.reviews that provide you with independent reviews of stores that deal in drones to help you make an informed buying decision.

Meanwhile, London has always been a beautiful city filled with eye-catching buildings and world-class tourist spots that drone flyers would find fascinating to capture lovely pictures.

However, with the rate of ownership of this remote controlled aircraft gradually increasing over the years, the Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA) has laid down certain rules which are important for you as a drone flyer to know to avoid getting fined for an offense you never knew about. Onbuy reviews also suggest that it is important to study the Drone Code and check out the top things to keep in mind before flying your drone on the streets of London.

Here are things to keep in mind before flying:

  • You must abide by the Data Protection Act If you are recording people with a film or still camera loaded onto the drone.
  • It is a legal requirement to register as a drone operator for all aircraft over 250g.
  • Fly 150feet (50m) away from people and properties.
  • You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions as you will be held responsible for each flight.
  • You must stay below 400ft.

It is also important to check the weather condition before flying drones as most drones are not waterproof. You can make use of the UAV Forecast app, or you can check out their website to get an insight into the weather condition and forecast.

If you haven’t figured out a spot to fly your drone yet, here are some of the best places to fly your drone in London.

  • London Eye: What better place to fly your drone than the iconic London Eye? The Eye is a giant ferris wheel from which you can catch a breathtaking view across the city. Not only does it serve as the main figure of London’s new year fireworks display, but it also gives the city an amazing look at night with its beautifully lit colors.
  • Hyde Park: The historic Hyde Park is not only the largest but also one of the most famous parks in London. Serving as home to two great water bodies, you are assured of a lot of exciting moments with activities such as; paddle boating. The several memorial features and live performances by interesting artists will also ensure that you have a fun-filled experience. 
  • Thames Cruise: The longest river in England has continually brought an industry to the city since prehistoric times and is regarded as one of London’s most iconic rivers. You can enjoy a lot of fun on cruises across the Thames offered by reputable companies in London. 
  • China Town: This would be an incomplete list without the inclusion of the ever-bustling ChinaTown. From the beautiful Chinese lanterns to the authentic Chinese meals offered in the Asian restaurants, you are sure to have a feel of the abundance of Chinese culture in the neighborhood. You’ll definitely enjoy the fun that comes with taking gorgeous pictures while flying your drone across Chinatown.