A Complete Guide To Purchasing An Ideal Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name (12 Tips and What to Avoid)

If you are planning to start an online business or set up an online shop, you need to first register a suitable domain name for your website. 

A domain name is an important business element that helps your business stand out from the competition. Thus, it should be chosen carefully. 

However, buying website domain names for the first time can be a bit challenging.

So, to help you buy the right domain name along with the best Domain Hosting Singapore, we have compiled this blog with a step-by-step procedure for the same. 

Keep reading this blog to move through the process of web domain registration swiftly. 

What is a Business Domain Name?

A business domain name is essentially a string of words that links to an IP address and is used to access a business website from a web browser. 

In simpler terms, a domain name is a string of texts that an internet user types in a web browser in order to visit a particular website. For instance, the domain name for Amazon is “amazon.com”. 

Note that the actual or “real” address of a website is a complicated alphanumeric IP address (for example: 199:4:9:0). But it is quite tough to remember such addresses for numerous websites we visit on a daily basis. 

Thanks to domain names, we can enter human-friendly and simple names to reach any website we want. 

How to Buy a Domain Name?

Now that you know what domain names actually mean and how they work, let’s move on to the step-by-step process of buying a suitable domain name. 

  • Step-1: Find a Reliable Domain Registrar 

The very first step you need to follow to purchase a domain name is selecting a trusted domain registrar. This is undoubtedly the most important step, so make sure to do it carefully. 

  • Step-2: Check the Availability of Preferred Domain Name

Once you select a domain registrar, visit their website and perform a domain name search. This will help you shortlist the domain names that are available and ready to be registered.

When performing this step, ensure your chosen domain names are simple, short, easy to remember, and relevant to your business. 

  • Step-3: Select the Best Domain Name

The next step is to finalise the best domain name and domain extension. In case your desired domain name is already in use, you can try searching for it with a different extension. 

  • Step-4: Register the Domain

Once you are settled on a domain name and made sure it is available, the next step is registering it. It is a simple process and works just like buying any other thing on the internet. All you need to do is, enter the required details and make the payment. 

  • Step-5: Verify Your Ownership

Now comes the last and most important step. In this step, you need to verify the ownership of your domain name. This will help you send personalised emails from your web domain and keep your competitors away from using it. 

Final Words

A domain name is the first thing you need in order to set up a website on the internet. We have discussed all the steps you need to follow to buy a domain name for your business. Now all you have to do is, find a reliable domain registrar and buy your preferred domain name before someone else buys it. 

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