What I Do When a Website Steals My Work

I’ve been creating this weblog for fifteen years this yr. For most of people many years I have been battling with people about copyright. Some people believe that due to the fact it says “Totally free Technological innovation for Lecturers” that they can consider anything they want and republish it wherever they want. Other individuals have a misunderstanding of what honest use implies. And some people today just will not treatment about copyright at all. That’s usually the scenario with tremendous scuzzy and slimy web sites that use automatic scripts to choose all of my website posts and republish them. 

Regretably, in excess of the past fifteen several years I have develop into rather adept at getting out wherever web sites that steal my perform are hosted and how to file copyright infringement notices with people internet hosting providers. I put in a very good offer of time accomplishing that very last week (it places me in foul temper) so I made the decision to try to make a thing beneficial with my time and recorded this video clip about how to file a DMCA takedown request with a website host. In this circumstance the website host was Title Affordable. The method is mainly the similar irrespective of the internet web hosting service provider. 

Ideally, you by no means have to go by means of the annoyance and stress of working with men and women stealing your get the job done. But if you do, I hope my video is valuable to you. 


p.s. I cannot hold out to see this web site put up get stolen by one particular of the aforementioned spammy, slimy, scuzzy internet sites like Daily Dose, Trident of CNC, Earth New 5, and Star Young ones Understand.