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The previous number of years have revealed some of the most stunning and amazing design trends in internet history. The year 2021 also has a lot to deliver in terms of designing, developing, marketing, and more. The mind-blowing imagery of the best designers has come a long way. A lot has changed and will continue to change this year, but the big question is, what will be the most optimum web design trend for 2021.

From the introduction of chatbots to interactive animations, people have seen a ton of things taking place to enhance the user experience while operating a website. When it comes to website design, changes occur every year and even on a monthly basis (if required). You need to know what your audience will like or how to present your services most creatively. Following this, you can form a direct relationship with the users. 

Your website is the mirror of your business to your customers. Considering the website statistics 2020, more than 94 percent of the first impressions depend on your website design. Yes, you read it right. To help you get the best results, here we are discussing the top-notch web design trends that are impressive to the users in the first go.

2020 can be taken as a year where the website owners get enough time to study the behavior and needs of customers regarding a website. This is why several new additions have been introduced to provide more and more convenience to the users. Let’s talk about that!

Using Light and Pastel Colors:

This is counted as one of the biggest changes in website designing. Today, a number of websites are going with neutral and light colors instead of chunky and bold ones. They want to give a sophisticated look to their website. Pastel colors are growing popular day by day, and this year, it will impact the website designing arena. The best part of light colors is that they appear more opaque and turbid when used in print design. Plus, if you are using a light base, it will highlight the characters written on it very effectively. These are soothing to the eyes and lead to better user engagement as such designs encourage them to stay on the page for longer.

Simple Shapes:

Yes, the use of two-dimensional shapes and patterns was a great hit in the 80s and 90s. But nowadays, these are getting into trend again. Rather than going for complicated designs, specialists should work on simple and easy patterns on the product packaging, website logos, designs, and more. By supporting one shade of color and no texture, the two-dimensional shape helps you draw the website visitor’s attention.

Videos – An element in designing websites!

Using promotional videos or interviews is a great way to make your website design more and more effective. These are perfect to attract audiences to your website without putting much effort. Plus, these also commute important information effectively with an energetic flare. Apart from the information, these videos support multiple design elements enough to convert a normal visitor to your regular customer. In 2021, you will find many innovative ways to incorporate videos into your website design. You can also use tools like VideoBox that come with different features like adding layers, slow motion, playing automatically, and more. 

Role of 3D Visuals!

For a while, you have witnessed the use of 3D design in many top-notch websites. The 3D visuals are great to attract the viewers’ attention as these weaved seamlessly into web designs. It enhances the overall user experience, but many take it just as a garish distraction. To avoid this, you need to study your audience; what they want from you. Without a doubt, 3D designs can give a totally new look to your dull and boring website. All you need is to use it in an optimum way.

web design
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Vector Graphics:

It is an undeniable fact that websites that support multimedia elements tend to get more visitors, and the bounce rate of that particular site is also low. Adding interesting photos and videos can really take your site to the next level. But the adverse impact is that it slows the loading speed of your website, especially when it is opened on mobile phones. To minimize this issue, you can use the new trend, i.e., vector illustration. You can choose from thousands of vector art files that can be easily customized according to your website theme. You will get access to all the maximalist or minimalist designs and even something in between.

Asymmetric Layouts:

For quite a while, it has been observed that designers work on a grid & give a prominent structure to the site, taking into account all the key elements. This approach was right, but it limits the uniqueness factor too. Your website will look like many other websites. It happens when the asymmetric design patterns come into play. You can create out of box designs with asymmetric layouts.

Use of Soft Shadows:

Nowadays, many designers are experimenting with designs by using stuff like soft shadows, floating elements, and more. These are perfect for adding a layered design to your website without adversely affecting its loading speed. You can use this approach in multiple things like body texts, headings, active buttons, and more. It won’t be wrong to say that these shadows give a 3D effect and look aesthetically pleasing against the general background.


In the past few years, animation has proved its place in the digital world. Not only it gives the required information, but it also enhances the user experience by offering something interesting. You can add animated aspects to your website in multiple ways, whether it’s about adding an animated line or a full-fledged animated background. It’s up to you and the requirements of your website. For example, many designers are applying the trigger animation to a call-to-action button. This uplifts the chances of visitors to click there. 


Accessibility is always counted as the most basic requirement linked to the performance of the website. In 2021, the majority of the designers are working on designing a website that can be accessed by individuals with disabilities. It can be a great addition to making a website easy to navigate, leading to effective customer service. You won’t believe it, but around one billion people rely on accessibility features to navigate the website across the globe. They want instant results, and a website taking 10 seconds to open is a significant drawback.

Wrap Up!

The year 2020 was expected to be the year of significant changes. Due to odd circumstances, this gives a chance to the website owners to analyze the user’s needs and requirements. As a result, the year 2021 will support all the new additions and trends in website designing and more. No wonder if your website looks totally different from the last year. Go through the above mentioned latest trends in designing your website and get a glimpse of the whole scenario.

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