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This may not be common knowledge, but your website could make or break your business. The first impression that your audience and possible prospects would have is design-related and it just takes milliseconds for people to form an opinion about a website. So you need to nail the design of your website if you want to build a brand to succeed. You could visit Web Design San Antonio TX for more info and read more about the top web design service for your website.

How to Analyze the Creativity of Your Chosen Web Design Service Provider

  1. Navigability
  • Don’t make users dig too deep and try to make a basic map of all of your site pages arranged like a pyramid. Put the homepage on top, and each would be linked to a page from the previous form of the next layer. 
  • Keep the structure of your primary navigation simple and near the top of your page
  • Include links within your page copy and make it clear where those links go
  • Include navigation in the footer of your site
  • Do not offer too much navigation per page
  • Include a search bar near the top of your sire so that visitors could easily search around using keywords
  1. Simplicity

Most of the people who are coming to your site are not there to thoroughly and intentionally evaluate how slick the design of your website is, though the appearance of your website is certainly important. 

They are there to find a specific piece of information or complete some action so unnecessary design elements would only overwhelm them and make it more difficult for the visitors to accomplish what they came there to accomplish in the first place.

  • Graphics
    • Don’t just add any graphics willy-nilly, you only use graphics if they help the user in completing a task or perform a specific function.
  • Colors
    • Don’t use a lot of colors, you could use a maximum of 5 (plus or minus 2) different colors in your design.
  • Typefaces
    • When it comes to typefaces, they should not be too artsy and have minimal script fonts, you should choose something that is highly legible. Keep the text color to a minimum and make sure that it always contrasts with the background color. Use a minimum of three different typefaces in a maximum of three different sizes.
  1. Visual hierarchy

Arranging and organizing website elements so that the visitors would naturally navigate towards the most important element first is what visual hierarchy is. The goal is to lead them to complete the desired action but in a natural and enjoyable way. You could achieve this by adjusting the color, position, and size of certain elements so that they would be drawn to those elements first.

  1. Consistency

The backgrounds, color schemes, typefaces, and tone of your writing are all of the areas where consistency has a positive impact. This adds to the overall feel and looks of your site. You could create different layouts for specific pages. It would make it easier for your visitors to understand what type of information they are going to get if you use these different layouts consistently.

  1. Responsivity

93 percent of people have left a website because it did not display properly on their device, and 48 percent of page global views were from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This is why if you want to truly provide your audience a great experience, your site should be compatible with the many different devices that they are using.

  1. Accessibility

It is your job to think of all of your different users because the goal of web accessibility is to make sure that your website is something anyone could use, including people with disabilities or limitations that may affect their browsing experience. 

  • Robust
    • Make sure that your website is usable across different assistive technologies, devices, and browsers
  • Understandable
    • You have to make sure that all of your content and alerts could easily be understood
  • Perceivable
    • Make sure that visitors are aware of the content that is found on your site
  • Operable
    • The functionality of your website should be possible in different ways
  1. Conventionality
  • Ensure the image sliders have buttons that users can click to manually rotate slides
  • Placing the main navigation at the top (or left side) of the page
  • Using a shopping cart icon on an ecommerce site, add a number badge to signify the number of items that are in their cart
  • Place the logo at the top left or the center of the page
  • Have links and buttons that could change color or appearance when you hover over them
  • Make the logo clickable so that it could always bring the visitor back to the homepage

How Much Does it Cost To get a Web Design service

Website Feature Upfront Website Cost

Website Domain $12 – $60

Website Hosting $35 – $600

SSL Certificate $0 – $200

Website Template or Theme $0 – $200

Ecommerce Functionality $20 – $24,000

Website Content $0 – $5,000

Apps and Integrations $0 – $100SEO and Marketing $0 – $90