TIbor Nagy West Texas is always a great place for a reality check

During the past few weeks I had had the good fortune to return to Lubbock to teach a Maymester course on Africa in the 21st century.  Having been absent for the past three years working in “The Swamp,” it was inspirational to be reminded of the positive attributes of West Texas, which represent the very forces which made America into the world’s leading nation. 


The economic vibrancy is immediately apparent, from the exponentially growing housing developments to the new commercial corridors and businesses sprouting like mushrooms throughout the city.  Local governments actively provide an environment which encourages business start-ups, builds streets and roads in front of growth, not after, thus preventing the types of squabbles which cripple most cities which suffer from “don’t build anything, anywhere” types.  Area municipalities also have excellent public schools and maintain secure environments for their citizens.