The Price Of The Vivo V17 Pro Still Has A Higher Price Than Its Successors

Vivo V17 Pro Price in India, Full Specifications (14th Apr 2021) at Gadgets  Now

The Vivo V17 Pro smartphone is designed to use a very thin bazle on each side and uses a screen without borders, without the disturbance of the front camera which usually cuts the screen area. Meanwhile, the Vivo V19 uses Ultra O screen technology which is taken with bionic technology so that it can produce a super clear front camera view and the appearance of the design becomes more futuristic.

For the appearance of the design of the two smartphones is very different, the V17 Pro is claimed to present an elegant design by placing the rear camera in the middle, and 2 color choices, namely satin black or silk white. So if this V19 comes with a retro style so it looks classic, which is one of the current trends.

Then the difference in the specifications of the Vivo V17 Pro and the last V19 is on the selling price side. Even though this Vivo V19 smartphone is the latest, the price is arguably cheaper when compared to the previous smartphone, the V17 Pro. For Vivo V19, which in March 2020 is still pre-ordered, it is sold at a fairly affordable price. Even then, free gift of JBL GO Speaker includes internet quota of Up to 70GB / month.

As for the Vivo V17 Pro, the current price has dropped from its initial launch. Even though the price has dropped, it turns out that this smartphone still has a higher price than its successor, the V19

So, those are some of the differences in the specifications of the Vivo V17 Pro and V19 which might be a reference for those of you who are currently looking to buy a smartphone from Vivo. For the price of the latest Vivo smartphone, takes it from the official marketplace and the official Vivo website. Well, usually in each city, the price is different, which is sold in cellphone shops and others.