T-Mobile Is Boosting 5G Speeds for 260 Million People

T-Mobile Is Boosting 5G Speeds for 260 Million People

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You can say that T-Mobile has done a splendid job rolling out its nationwide 5G network. Now the company is looking to solidify its already strong 2022 progress with a new mid-band 5G rollout all around the country.

T-Mobile has announced that it has met its year-end goal, and its 5G Ultra Capacity network now covers 260 million people across the nation — with the 5G network itself reaching roughly 323 million people. Not only that, but the company is now looking to solidify those gains with the deployment of a new, mid-band 1900 MHz spectrum across the country. Also known as n39, this new spectrum will join T-Mobile’s existing network infrastructure to streamline traffic and speeds.

If your smartphone supports this new band, you should begin to see faster, and more stable, speeds on your smartphone as a result of this rollout. While T-Mobile says that this is a nationwide rollout, availability of this band will, of course, depend on where you’re located.

A more stable Ultra Capacity 5G connection is good news for everyone. It’s also promising as we head into 2023, a year that will surely be packed to the brim with further improvements as 5G keeps going widespread.

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