Sager Electronics launches website for value-add solutions

Electronics distributor Sager Electronics has launched a website dedicated to the company’s value-add capabilities –

“Through our specialized group Sager Power Systems, we offer world-class Sagerengineered solutions tailored to fit a wide variety of applications. With the launch of our new value-add website, we are able to demonstrate the full-scope of our custom capabilities for power, thermal, and battery requirements, while also offering educational content, technical blogs, videos and more,” said Rich Arieta, Director of Business Development for Sager Power Systems.

Kurt Padera, Director of Business Development for Sager’s Battery Solutions Center, added, “Supporting customers and their growing requirements for portable power is a critical component of our Sager Power Systems program and an instrumental factor in the company’s acquisition of battery specialist Technical Power Systems (TPS) in 2019. The new value-add site provides Sager with the first true opportunity to showcase our custom battery assembly and battery pack design services since acquiring TPS.”

From simple modifications to high complexity designs, Sager Power System’s experienced team of electrical and mechanical engineers and technicians can guide customers through the entire engineering process. Sager’s state-of-the-art, 20,500 ft. UL approved Power Solutions Center offers in-house engineering and manufacturing for a complete range of power and thermal value-added services – all with faster time to market and higher reliability than a typical custom build. And at Sager’s 18,000-ft.2 Battery Solutions Center, the in-house team of engineers and battery technicians design, develop and produce custom battery assemblies and complex battery management systems (BMS), using an array of chemistries including Lithium Ion, Lithium Primary, Nickel-based, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Pure Lead.

Visit Sager’s new value-add website at