Roger’s Technology Is Changing the Way the Bulk Freight Industry Does Business

OMAHA, Neb., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roger®, an independent technology solution for the dry bulk freight industry, announced today that it has opened its ecosystem to give all dry bulk truck shippers and carriers access to its suite of cost-saving, revenue-generating products. Roger offers efficiency-focused features like smart deal-making, digital ticket capture, integrated settlement and payment submission, and hyperaccurate GPS load tracking.


Roger® announced today that it has opened its ecosystem up for all dry bulk truck shippers and carriers to access.

Roger was developed with feedback from more than 500 trucking companies and industry leaders in dry bulk freight shipping. While Roger is less than a year old, more than 150,000 loads have been completed using Roger’s technologies, with nearly 500 carriers hauling more than 45 different commodities for major dry bulk shippers like The Andersons Inc., CargillConsolidated Grain and Barge Co.Koch Fertilizer and The Scoular Company. Roger is also backed by one of the industry’s leading agricultural technology companies, Bushel.

“Shipper and carrier relationships are important in our business,” said Jeff Schreiner, CEO of Roger. “The key to success is being able to build additional business relationships and then use data-driven insights to make informed and profitable business decisions. Roger does just that. It is a neutral and secure solution that uses technology to organize data, create efficiencies, and connect shippers and carriers in a new, more transparent way.”

Current bulk freight processes are fragmented and manual, resulting in lost productivity and revenue potential. Roger’s technologies aim to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

“Roger has improved our communication with carriers and partners,” said Jeannie Frana, Global Process Owner, Cargill Transportation and Logistics. “We’ve been able to reduce phone calls, cut back on paperwork and pay our carriers faster. It’s a win-win for Cargill and our carriers.”

Roger Technology Solutions

Roger is a single, universal technology solution that can integrate with existing systems and be used across the entire industry, giving shippers and carriers tools that can be used together or individually:

  • Roger onRamp creates a single profile to store insurance, DOT, license and other certifications, which is immediately available to shippers when a new connection is made, reducing the time it takes to onboard a new carrier.
  • Roger Deals is a hub for all available loads and capacity. Carriers and shippers can receive multiple bids, accept an offer in one click and use trackable negotiation tools to help make the best business decisions.
  • Roger Hauls gives shippers the ability to dispatch loads directly to carriers within the app, along with all details regarding the haul. Carriers can take a photo of origin and destination tickets and upload directly into Roger, eliminating the need for paper.
  • Roger Locators puts an end to “Where’s my truck?” calls, giving shippers real-time map views of truck locations and ETAs, while Google Maps integration gives carriers origin and destination locations, along with turn-by-turn guidance and route mapping.
  • Roger IQ helps produce a real-time shipping status dashboard that offers a visual into how business is performing. With aggregate industry data, Roger provides business- and industry-level analytics for actionable insights.
  • Roger Transmissions offers direct integration with accounting systems (major ERPs and QuickBooks), transport management software and fleet management systems for both shippers and carriers. 
  • Roger Exchanges eliminates the need for paper invoices, so once a haul is complete, carriers can request payment directly from shippers within the app. Paper invoicing and waiting for payments are a thing of the past.

“The visibility of our carrier’s location allows us to make real-time logistical decisions,” said Ryan Napier, Grain Merchandiser, Scoular, “while the paperless billing streamlined the flow of information from carriers to customers, increased our payment turnaround and enabled almost real-time information flow to our customers.”

Napier added, “The level of transparency and trust Roger offers is unlike any other platform we’ve used. Our customers can instantly see the location of their load and the information we have on the load; see as soon as a truck scales out of our facility, when it scales into the destination and when the load is delivered. It has improved the level of customer service we can provide tremendously.”

How to Get Onboard

To learn more about how Roger works, view a demo video, or to get started, visit The Roger App is available in the Apple App Store (search for Roger Trucking) or Google Play Store (search for Roger).

About Roger LLC

Roger LLC develops digital tools to help shippers and carriers unlock the power of their bulk freight networks by digitizing the entire shipping process, from dispatch to payment. Roger’s ecosystem was developed working alongside more than 500 trucking companies and the company’s initial charter members, The Andersons Inc., Bushel, CargillConsolidated Grain and Barge Co.Koch Fertilizer and The Scoular Company. The company’s mission is to create an innovative, neutral and secure technology solution that brings trust and transparency to the bulk freight industry and tackles some of the industry’s biggest challenges. Learn more at


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