Revcontent Helps Tapstone Exceed Revenue Goals by 40% With Its Granular and Powerful Advertiser Capabilities

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Tapstone, the pioneering force behind Native for Direct Response advertising, has leveraged Revcontent’s platform to implement and optimize granular bidding strategies that have helped the Tapstone team exceed their revenue goals by 40%. After launching in August 2020, Tapstone quickly utilized Revcontent’s seamless campaign creation process to get over 30 boosts up and running. With consistent optimization through the Bid By Widget feature, Tapstone was able to pause spend on low-performing websites and increase the budget where they saw performance. 

Tapstone has quickly grown to become the industry-leading platform for the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising – native advertising. These types of advertisements take on the look and feel of surrounding editorial content. Tapstone’s innovative combination of proprietary technology, insight-driven creative, 24/7 optimization, and a uniquely experienced team has allowed the company to deliver incredible results for many Fortune 500 advertisers.

“Before Revcontent, our biggest issue was inventory, specifically manipulating the bids individually on a site or widget level,” said Graham Wirtz, Media Buyer at Tapstone. “With Revcontent, we have full control of exactly where we bid and how much, making our ad spend much more efficient.”

In November 2020, Tapstone exceeded a goal of $20K in revenue from a single campaign boost. Tapstone was able to achieve this milestone in part thanks to Revcontent’s customized launch strategy for Search.

“Unlike other ad types, when it comes to Search Arbitrage, it makes sense to have a customized launch strategy,” said Stephanie Reed, Senior Advertising Executive at Revcontent. “One that specifically works to remove any known clawback traffic sources, according to Google standards, and preferred exposure to competitive supply out the gate, allowing them to prioritize budget allocation and scale efforts considerably quicker.”

Among other aspects, the simplified campaign creation tools and smooth user interface enhanced the overall experience for Wirtz and his team. 

“For Tapstone, Revcontent’s strongest capabilities lie in widget bidding and the user interface, particularly when creating campaign boosts. It’s one of the most seamless processes I’ve experienced as a media buyer and makes it quick for getting ideas out as efficiently as possible,” said Wirtz. 

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