Resonant Technology, Created to Fight Climate Change Effects in the Vineyard, Launches at Glasgow’s Sustainability Innovation Forum | News

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today at the Sustainability Innovation Forum in Glasgow, Founder Marco Poggianella and CEO Marc Fleishhacker announced the launch of their new company, Resonant Technology. “Resonant Technology delivers proprietary, real-world tested agricultural technology to help wine grape growers and farmers fight the effects of climate change,” said Marco Poggianella. “Our products help grape vines resist the effects of drought, intense heat, and other extreme weather events, improving yields and grape quality,” added Marc Fleishhacker. “Our technology has been tested for many years by leading wine companies and grape growers in Italy and California, and they’ve proven to be incredibly effective.” The new company is headquartered in the USA with R&D offices in Italy.

Resonant Technology’s new vine product offering launches with five core products: Fortify Red©, Fortify White©, Fortify Sparkling©, Encore© (used to invigorate vines post-harvest before they go dormant) and Rescue© (used for vines following extreme weather events from frost and hailstorms to extreme heat spikes). The vine products are all powered by the proprietary SOP INSIDE technology, developed by Marco Poggianella and his team of scientists over the course of 7 years of intensive research, field trials and industry pilots.

“I first came into contact with the SOP Inside technology products seven years ago and I have seen continued dramatic improvements in the health and resilience of vineyards from California to the breadth of Italy’s wine growing regions,” said Martina Broggio, – Agronomist and Oenologist – Veneto Italy. “With this proven technology, wineries are able to grow better grapes and make better wine and they feel more optimistic about the future despite the increasing severity and number of extreme weather events they experience every year.”

Marco Poggianella, a physicist by training, has been called “a true eco-designer.” He speaks at conferences worldwide on sustainable agriculture and other climate issues and he is the author of numerous scientific papers on the subject of climate change in farms. Marc Fleishhacker is a San Francisco Bay area native who splits his time as CEO of Resonant between the US and Italy. Marc, whose first job after graduating from Brown university was as a Sommelier, has held executive positions at tech and marketing companies, working in leadership roles for large companies as well as entrepreneurial start-ups.

About Resonant Technology

Developed after years of intensive research, Resonant Technology’s agricultural products (, powered by SOP Inside Technology, have proven remarkably successful in combating the effects of climate change on vines, numerous crops and livestock — sustainable solutions for increasingly intractable problems. Resonant Technology, fully organic products, maximize the strength of what is naturally around us: the microbiome. Resonant Technology vine products strengthen the soil to plant relationship and ecosystem, thereby improving nutrient transfer to the vine’s roots, bolstering vine growth, resilience and grape quality.

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