Reasons You Must Register In More Than One Domain Name


For online business owners, their website visibility is everything. Domain Registration with more than one website enhances audience reach and brand identity.

You can always create a website with a domain, but creating a website with multiple domains has its strategic advantage. But due to a lack of understanding most business owners register only one domain.

Though registering more than one domain adds up to extra cost, if you only have an online business, then definitely the cost is worthwhile. In this article, we are going to see why registering more than one domain name is beneficial for business.

Understanding Domain Name

Your domain name is your online address, which helps your audience reach your website, giving you online visibility. Therefore, domain name registration with more than one domain creates an alternative or multiple routes for your audience to reach your website. 

This helps to improve overall website traffic and attract more visitors. 

Reasons for Doing Domain Registration In NZ With More Than One Domain

  1. Helping to Deal with Typing Errors and Misspellings

An important reason to consider having more domain is typing errors that your audience might make when finding your webpage. Accidental misspellings or typing errors can’t always be autocorrected. 

For instance, if you use for a shoe brand type, can give a different search result than the one you are actually looking for. And in worst cases, your targetted audience can land up on your competitor’s web pages.

There are almost 350.5 million registered domain names, which creates a high chance of someone having a similar one. Therefore, buying domain names with potential spelling, similar spelling, or similar sounding can protect your brand and help your customers as well.

In cases where you decide to change your brand name or direct traffic from an old page, having multiple domains helps. You can point all your domains on your main website, making it your strategic move.

  1. Build a Unique Brand Image

There might be instances wherein you must have come across familiar domain names with these endings, i.e., .com, .co, .biz, .org, .ca, and .us, or 

top-level domains, i.e., photography, .bakery, .golf, .faith, .guru, help to create a unique image in front of your audience. Further, ensuring that your customers can find you easily without much hassle or confusion while creating your brand identity.

  1. Strengthen Your SEO strategy.

Registering multiple domains helps with your SEO strategy as instead of relying on just one domain; you spread your presence across multiple.

It helps to boost ranking on search engines compared to when you have one domain. Therefore, it increases the chances of your customers finding you when they are searching for you online.

  1. To Expand Your Business Horizons

Businesses that serve customers outside the geo boundaries should think about expanding with multiple domains.

Getting country-specific domain extensions is excellent for effective international SEO. You can get more domains that are targeted to different countries, for instance, or

When expanding your business internationally becomes relevant. Then, it would be best if you stepped up and got multiple country-specific for your business.


Your domain name is your brand identity, and when someone misuses it in bad faith, it harms your business. 

Therefore, invest in doing domain name registration with multiple domains and create a shield that protects your reputation.

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