• Tech can be unlocked through the three different research stations
  • Recipes can sometimes be found in chests or as drops from enemies
  • Players can use resources to unlock random recipes at research stations

Technology plays a central role in “V Rising’s” progression loop. Players will need to upgrade their weapons and armor in order to tackle the game’s harder content, and this can be done by moving up the available tech upgrades within multiple crafting buildings.

The game will naturally introduce a few important powers and buildings to the player early on via the quest chain on the top left of the screen. However, much of the game’s tech upgrades must be unlocked by exploring the rest of the world.

Note that “tech upgrades” refer to buildable stations and equipment, and not skills or vampire abilities. The latter two are unlocked via a different progression path.

How to unlock tech upgrades

The objectives listed in the quest log have a few important buildings locked behind them, which is why players are highly encouraged to keep following these objectives until they are forced to upgrade their gear by other means.

Apart from the quests, there are there main ways to unlock tech

  • Defeat bosses
  • Pick-up recipe books
  • Use research stations

Important crafting stations like the Smithy, Tannery and Loom can be unlocked by defeating bosses. Refer to the Blood Altar or the boss list widget on the right side of the screen to see which boss drops what.

Recipe books, on the other hand, are dropped randomly by enemies all over the world. Sometimes, they can also be found inside chests. These books can drop recipes for Merciless gear or random furniture and building pieces for castles.

Lastly, players can unlock random tech by spending materials at research tables like the Study. This will cost either Paper, Scrolls or Schematics depending on the tier of technology that players want to research.

Best ways to unlock technologies in “V Rising”

Early on, players should avoid spending Paper on the basic research table. Try to save these for Scroll crafting in the mid-game stage once the Paper Press is unlocked.

Recipe books can sometimes be fished out of bubbling water in streams and lakes. Make sure to bring a fishing rod when traveling and try to hit every fishing hole along the way for some resources and recipe books.

On a final note, Silverlight Harbor is a fantastic place to farm materials. This includes Schematics, which are used to unlock the final tier of the early access version’s tech tree.

V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls V Rising features solid isometric combat with fast and responsive controls Photo: Stunlock Studios

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