Honda is building Google services directly into its new Accord


If you pick up a 2023 Honda Accord, you’re going to notice there’s a lot of Google stuff right away.

In a press release, the company announced that the 2023 Accord will be the company’s first to have Google service built directly into the vehicle. The integration, which will be standard on the Touring trim level, will offer the Google Assistant and Google Maps apps built-in.

Jay Joseph, the vice president of CASE & Energy for American Honda Motor Co., Inc., said that built-in Google services were the next step in the company’s “longstanding in-vehicle tech collaboration with Google.”

“For Honda customers, vehicle connectivity is becoming essential, providing features and services that deliver intuitive, easy-to-use and access functions that makes time spent in vehicles more fun and productive. Our longstanding in-vehicle tech collaboration with Google helped enable the seamless integration of Google built-in features in the all-new 2023 Honda Accord.”

In addition to the Google Assistant and Google Maps apps, the integration will also offer access to Google Play for drivers to download compatible apps from Google’s app store. For those with an iPhone, don’t worry about skipping over the 2023 Accord entirely. While those Google services will be built-in, the car will still offer integrations for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

While your iPhone will still work, Honda is definitely saving the best assistant experience for those who use the built-in services from Google. For example, the company stated that not only will you be able to control music, get directions, and make a call with the Google Assistant, but even use it to “change the temperature in the car.”

Google has been working on deeper integrations with automakers for years. Apple also recently unveiled a concept for its next generation of CarPlay, which also seeks to take over more of the experience in the car.

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