Here Is How You Can Stop Google From Storing Your Locations

Here's how to stop Google from tracking your location and other web  activity - CNET


Google and its tracking have been happening for ages. People have often found the tech giant keeping an eye on their locations all the time. If you are using any one of Google apps, you are likely being tracked. 


You might think that disabling some settings in the apps will save you from being a target of Google’s tracking but that’s not close to reality. For Google, tracking down your spot is easy. Whenever you search for a spot on Google Maps or Google, the app will log the approximate location and put a time stamp. 


Some of you might think that boycotting the Google app can be your one-and-done solution from all the tracking but in this age and time, it is nearly impossible to perform daily tasks without the help of Google. Many of us are highly dependent on Google, Google Apps, and the internet. Especially after the coronavirus outbreak, we have clearly understood the need for high-speed internet service and apps like Google Maps, Google Docs, and more. 


Even when choosing an internet service provider, you should be vigilant. Many internet service providers open pathways for malicious attackers to track down your activities and swoop into your system. However, Spectrum Internet service not only offers stable and high-speed internet but it comes with Spectrum Chat for a timely response to customer queries. 

Time to Turn off Location Tracking


Associated Press investigated in 2018 that Google has made it easier for users to control their data, including their location. With the now-deleted features like “Your Data in Google Maps” and Search, users could control their locations in the applications. 


Moreover, turning off location history on the apps only removes the spot where you were present from the TimeLine Feature. Except, the Google support page says that even after turning off the location, some locations’ data will continue to show in the settings. 


Google says that it stores location to create a more personalized and beneficial application. In addition, the app claims that the information for the users is never shared with advertisers or third parties. 


However, if you are still not comfortable with the idea of Google storing your location, then here are some more tips to help you stay satisfied with the app.


What Happens Next? 


Google’s storing and tracking of locations might seem intrusive to some but it also helps in cultivating more personalized apps for the users. For instance, Google Maps helps people find nearby businesses on the globalized app. These apps help in delivering information that is more relevant to the targeted users instead of throwing random information. 


However, to completely shut Google’s ability to store and track your location here is what you can do. 


  • Open in your browser.
  • At the top right corner, log in to the Google account that you have already created. 
  • Select Manage your Google Account and then head to Survey and Personalization Box. 
  • Scroll down to Account Controls and select Manage Your Activity. 
  • Once you scroll down enough, you will see the Web & App Activities. Then, all you have to do is slide the toggle and switch it off. 
  • A disclosure will pop up to ensure you understand what switching the setting to off/pause will do before you select to Pause it. 

The Last Check


Google might be tracking down your location to establish a better user experience and personalized app. However, you can stop it from storing and tracking your locations. A few clicks here and there will help you build a better app experience for yourself.