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A Hampshire charity says it is overwhelmed with donations for laptops to help children who don’t have access to home learning technology during shutdown.

Acts of Kindness Solent has been able to provide more than 100 refurbished devices thanks to the local community.

“I knew they were needed,” said Kerry Snuggs of the charity.

“But to this day, when you see those kids and the happiness on their faces and how they struggled for the past two weeks, I just hadn’t realized how much they really needed until today.”

Kerry Snuggs from Acts of Kindness Solent:

It is thought that up to 1.5 million children do not have access to a laptop they can use for learning at home.

Students at St Columba Primary School in Fareham are among those benefiting.

Connie and Edward are among those who grab a laptop to work on at home.

Connie said, “I am very grateful because it means I can do my work on a laptop instead of paper and disturb my parents when they are busy with work so they can email my work.”

The lack of technology means that many can miss their lessons during lockdown.

Tracey Marsh, Headteacher:

Tracey Marsh, head teacher at St Columba CofE Primary in Fareham, explained to her students the difference laptops make.

“Some of our families don’t have Wi-Fi at home, and we have many families with multiple siblings, so they could all try to get one iPhone.

“We have different zoom meetings for different classes and scheduling which can be incredibly difficult, so this will be transformative for the kids so they don’t get too far behind in the closing.”

The government has pledged to supply laptops to underprivileged children and says it has already supplied 875,000 devices to students, with a plan to provide up to 1.3 million.

Many students have also gained access to free mobile data through a Department for Education scheme.


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