Exclusive Asus teasers show 3D OLED laptops coming

Asus 3D OLED Hero

Asus 3D OLED Hero


  • Asus is teasing its CES 2023 event and the possible unveiling of 3D OLED laptops.
  • In three teasers we obtained, the company divulges its CES 2023 event date as well as laptop information.
  • If you’re in the market for a 2023 laptop, future Asus models might be on the bleeding edge.

CES 2023 is just around the corner. The largest electronics expo in the world is always filled with huge product announcements, and it looks like Asus has a big one in the pipeline related to laptops. We here at Android Authority got our hands on some teaser content from the company that gives an idea of what to expect.

Check out the teasers below!

Asus CES event date revealed

The first bit of info we got isn’t really a teaser as it’s pretty obvious what it’s for. The 13-second clip above shows the Asus logo going from a two-dimensional page into a three-dimensional world. At the end, it shows the date of Asus’ CES 2023 event, which will be on January 5, 2023.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t show off any specifics, such as a time or whether or not the event would be livestreamed. However, the next two teasers give away a bit more information.

Magic eye reveals the clue

Asus 3D OLED Magic Eye Illusion

The next teaser is one of those old magic eye puzzles. If you stare at the center of this image long enough, you should see what Asus has in mind. If you want to solve this puzzle yourself, stop reading here and pick up again once you see it!

Finished? If you squinted your eyes hard/long enough, you probably saw the words “3D OLED” appear. Even if you couldn’t see it, you likely saw the little laptops at the top and bottom of the image. Putting those two clues together, it’s pretty obvious what the next big feature for Asus’ 2023 laptops is.

It looks like 3D OLED is the big feature

The final exclusive clip we have lays out all the goods pretty clearly. The 12-second video above ends with an image of a laptop with multiple 3D images popping out of the display. Underneath the laptop, you can see the following statement:

A new dimension for OLED. Asus CES 2023 launch event, seeing an incredible future, 2023.01.

It’s pretty obvious that Asus’ 2023 laptops will feature 3D OLED displays. This is something we haven’t seen from any other commercial laptop. Of course, 3D TVs were on the market for a long time and failed to gain much traction, so Asus faces an uphill battle to make 3D laptops a thing.

We’ll find out more in January!

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