Customer Relationships the Key for Ireland’s Web Design Wizards

DUBLIN, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cliqued Media continues to make waves as Ireland’s No 1 web design agency, through its client-orientated approach and stunning website designs. In doing so, it has helped clients countrywide to gain maximum return from their online activities.

The key to success now revolves around the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, where the company website has become the main point of contact for their customers.

Website development is a specialised area that requires in-depth knowledge and experience, not to mention financial resources. For any company aiming to grow a strong and aspirational brand presence on the web, having an exceptional website can be the key to success. But this takes specialised skills and talent, resources not available to the average business owner.

For many small to medium companies at least, a bespoke website is perceived to be out of reach, whether due to a lack of internal skills and resources, or simply because of a lack of knowledge.

But that is not necessarily the case!

For Web design Ireland, Cliqued Media offers an impressive array of web design and online marketing services to companies of all sizes. These are tailor-made for the specific needs of each customer. Services include corporate web design, e-commerce web design, responsive web design, SEO, logo and branding design, website maintenance and web hosting.

Cliqued Media follows a disciplined process in the development of each new website. This entails in-depth research to get to know each client and their industry, followed by innovative design, coding and development, leading to rigorous testing, before going live. Finally, Cliqued Media is there to support clients along the way in growing website traffic and managing the site if required. 

One of the building blocks of every project undertaken by Cliqued Media is to truly get to know their customer. “It’s not just about building amazing websites for our customers, it’s about building long lasting relationships,” says Director David Costello, “not until you truly know your customers can you honestly help them to grow and flourish in the online sphere.”

If their customers are anything to go by, then Cliqued Media (with an average customer feedback score of 9.8 out of 10), is true to their word.

Of their current customers, 98% are happy to recommend Cliqued Media to colleagues and friends, and 89% are repeat business for the agency. Of real interest is the fact that most customers who have had their sites redesigned by Cliqued Media have experienced a 64% average revenue increase.

Now that’s impressive and well worth considering for any company wanting to prosper in the world of e-commerce.

Those interested in contacting Cliqued Media are free to call anytime by phone on 01 554 7227, or to email them on [email protected]. Their team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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