a sign on a pole: Carver School for Math, Science and Technology named as one of the top schools in the state

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Carver School for Math, Science and Technology named as one of the top schools in the state

One Dothan City School is walking into 2021 with a big accomplishment. Every year the state department of education awards public schools that demonstrate high performance.


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Empowering students on their quest to success, is what the carver school tries to instill in their students.

“Some people think that we just have the best kids or the smartest kids and not necessarily, we just have a lot of kids that want to do well, parents that are super supportive and want the children to do well,” Tonya Norris, 5th grade math teacher at Carver School for Math, Science and Technology said.

This year, that mission paid off as they were named a 2021 Legislative School Performance Recognition Program School by ALSDE.

“I’m very proud of my students and my teachers, year after year these kids and teachers work very hard so it’s nice to see them get some state recognition. I believe they award the top 25 percent of schools in the state of Alabama so these students and teachers go above and beyond and push themselves academically everyday,” Dr. Donnie Chambers, principal at Carver School for Math, Science and Technology said.

Public schools are awarded based on high performance or demonstrating significant progress in their overall ranking.

“I’m super proud of the kids and I’m thankful to work with such a great staff. I think all of us have high expectations for the children. I think kids can rise to anything they’re challenged to do with the support of course of their teachers and making sure they understand what they’re learning,” Norris said.

Chambers mentioned Carver’s state report card has averaged 97 to 99 in previous years.

“No matter where you start at we try to instill in the students to always show gains because a lot of times a test will just show one score. But we try to make sure the students know that we don’t care where you started at, we want to make sure you improve year after year or semester after semester to make sure we push them to do the best that they can do,” Chambers said.

An accomplishment they can always remember but an honor that helps put carver on the map.

“When the kids know that we care, they tend to perform better. I’ve been teaching a long time, I’ve seen a lot of things change over the years. This year 23 for me so I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon,” Norris said.

Schools are selected annually and receive a legislative financial award. Carver made the list with 49 additional schools from across the state of Alabama.

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