Career perspective in Biotechnology courses for students seeking admission in 2021

a band performing on a counter: Career perspective in Biotechnology courses for students seeking admission in 2021

Career perspective in Biotechnology courses for students seeking admission in 2021

As the admission season starts students become conscious about their career after class 12th board examination on what to choose as a career for their college. Already covid19 affected the academic delivery in 2020-21 due to which students have not attended the classes. In the present situation also, most of the classes are being conducted virtually. The unprecedented covid 19 made the students confused about their career and due to this unhealthy surrounding, stopped from exploring various career options and opportunities.

To clarify all the doubts in the minds of students regarding Biotechnology, their frequently asked questions have been answered below:

What is a Biotechnology course?

Biotechnology is the course pursued by Science students basically after class 12th; it comprises the subjects including biology, chemistry, technology, and minor mathematics. The terminology of ‘Biotechnology’ explains Biology+ Technology, covering the topic of cellular and bimolecular for the development of the latest technology required in our daily life. Biotechnology is used in the different sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food production, animal husbandry, agriculture, textiles, and nutrition, etc.

The different courses that are available after 10th, 12th, and graduation are Diploma in Biotechnology, B.Sc, B.Tech or B.E in Biotechnology, MSc., M.Tech in Biotechnology, or P.G in Biotechnology. Many of us get confused with topics that are covered in Biotechnology subjects, but it is simple and vast. The different branches of this latest covered subject of technology are Microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, dairy technology, agri-tech, virology, biostatics, and many others as well.

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Career perspective in Biotechnology courses for students seeking admission in 2021

Different branches in Biotechnology course:

Some topics covered in the vast area of the Biotechnology courses are as follows


This topic deals with the study of Biology + Chemistry as a major; it is the study of the chemical process occurring inside the living cells. The subjects cover majorly the structure and behavior of complex molecules and the formation of cells, tissues, and DNA, etc.


This is the course mostly opted by Science students for a future career in biotechnology as it opens up multiple job opportunities in the healthcare industry. It comprises the study of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc and their impact on the human body. This course also covers the topic of diseases related to bacteria and viruses.

Agri- Tech:

Agri-Tech is also known to be Agricultural Engineering where we study to improvise the agricultural sector through innovation and different biological technology. The main role of agriculture engineers is to make agriculture production better and give more effective crops to the farmers. It also helps in machinery, bio-gas, new technology, and other agricultural products, allowing making a brighter career in agricultural technology.


This course is the study of pharmacological science where we get to know about drugs and their effects. The study provides students a basic understanding of drugs or medicine required by a living organism. It also comprises the study of organ systems like cardiovascular, neurological, Ortho, etc. Students opting for pharmacology make a better future in laboratories, forensic labs, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Rapid growth of biotechnology sector

Biotechnology is a field, growing faster every day majorly after the period of covid19. It is leading a way towards a healthier environment as well as providing a vast field of opportunities. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed so much and shows us the reality of our medical and healthcare systems. Currently, our country is in need to produce more such techno biologists who can work on different experiments, design equipment, and also in the field of medication. These fields will also lead to a strong and upgraded healthcare system in the country. The pace of development will increase and everyone will get proper healthcare facilities and at a very affordable cost. This will break our dependency on other countries for medicines and equipments.

Many students are unaware of this field therefore the topic discussed above the Biotechnology will make you get a better understanding and help you to take admission as per the desired courses in 2021.

Authored by Dr. Amrinder, Associate Professor and HOD School of Basic and Applied Sciences in Sanskriti University

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