While it’s initially cheaper to rent your own IT hardware and infrastructure in the short-term (think traditional web hosting), as your business needs grow there comes a point when it becomes more economical to buy your own server hardware. However, you then need a data center to host your equipment. This is where colocation services come into play, where racks and cabinets are leased to you, enabling you to set up your own server hardware in the heart of a data center.

Making a decision on which provider to use is far from easy. If your business has mission-critical needs then you’ll want to reduce latency. Additionally, you may need to look for hosting on the west coast for optimal Asian connections, east coast for European ones, or mid-state for the best general connectivity across the US. However, you need to ensure that the geographic siting works for you, by balancing a combination of network connectivity, resiliency, and disaster recovery considerations, as well as ease of access.