B2Broker Introduces Latest Technology Components of B2Trader Matching Engine as a Software Solution

Business Wire India

B2Broker, a liquidity and technology provider of solutions for the crypto and Forex industry, has added a new range of features to its matching engine, B2Trader, enabling client demands to be met in record time.


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Image 1: Screenshot showing users. (Photo: Business Wire)

Image 1: Screenshot showing users. (Photo: Business Wire)

About B2Trader


B2Trader is used by many of the world’s best-known exchanges, MTF Brokers, Security Exchanges, Market Makers, Spot FX Brokers and EMIs, with the job of matching an incoming market order of the user with the existing limit order of another user. The engine works 24/7 in parallel with the round-the-clock rhythm of the crypto markets without any breaks.


Matching – Tech Stack, Details, Scheme of the Module and Capacity


The order matcher is designed for crypto trading and low-latency automatic trading systems and is able to fulfill 10,000 requests per second with an average latency of 500 ms. The new matching engine uses C # ASP.NET Core programming languages ​​for the back-end and includes a trading mechanism for matching orders, various APIs and synchronization services and databases.


API – All Details, Languages and Capacity


The stability and performance aspects of the engine now allow for the development of faster APIs. B2Broker has introduced a new API for robotic trading and public data access which handles trading and public requests much faster while positively affecting the overall system performance (trading and public API – Websocket/Rest). With new API access, users can connect directly into the matching system and operate ultra-fast trading orders or receive crypto markets data on DOMs.




B2Trader incorporates a series of the latest features to provide the best possible protection from technical and fraud threats. These include an anti-throttling system, anti-spoofing protection and DDoS protection. Other security features include 2FA, adding an extra layer of security, and an IP Whitelist which puts in place a restriction to work only under a certain IP inside the admin panel.


Front End


A professional GUI meets all requirements from beginners to pro-traders. It provides a multitude of features and a high degree of customisation including adaptive colouring, easy and highly responsive navigation menu, grouping for sorting options into a more convenient structure and a customisable Dynamic User Interface with colour and font customisation which includes easy addition of widgets, workspaces for various trading styles, widgets customization and workspace arrangement.


Some recent developments include a watchlist that allows for the addition of favourite instruments to monitor percentage changes, White/Night mode, a broad variety of deposit/withdrawal methods featuring B2BinPay, IOC/FOK order settings and the availability of multiple sources of liquidity available for connection with B2Trader.


Back Office


B2Trader admin takes care of all operational options that need to be carried out by the exchange daily, delivering them in a user-friendly and sophisticated manner. The admin module allows you to manage and set up and change exchange user trading/withdrawal permissions, extract information on the history of user logins to the exchange UI, transfer history, user asset balances, information on a user’s aggregate balance in indicative currency, setup commissions for the markets or particular user and more, with safety always a top priority.




B2Trader uses hosting solutions that dynamically scale resources and support the most demanding and highly loaded projects. AWS hosting offers high levels of availability, scalability and performance, requiring higher amounts of management and administration that is fully organised by B2Broker.


Third-Party Integrations


To set up and run a successful exchange business, there needs to be an equal focus on sales and marketing, compliance, deposits, withdrawals, licenses, and the regulatory framework, etc. To this end, B2Broker has integrated a variety of services that help exchanges manage all aspects effectively. These include B2BinPay,B2Core, Crystal Blockchain, Leading Fiat PSPs, SumSub, B2BX and MarksMan.


The latest features combined with external integrations further enhance B2Trader to deliver a matching engine with the ultimate in performance and functionality, while ensuring that all market participants are given the best execution.


New clients can now benefit from a discount on setup, offering more favourable pricing than 2020 due to COVID and the new market bull run.