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Published on April 28th, 2022 | by Bibhuranjan

Android has indeed come a long way. Its story is inspirational in thought because Android has brought about a revolution in mobile app development. Since its launch in 2008, Android has become one of the most popular smartphones operating systems globally. Moreover, volume growth is expected to accelerate at a compound annual growth rate of 2.4% over the next five years, with shipments approaching 1.41 billion by 2022. The following is a brief article that presents a quick round-up of the top Android App Development Trends 2022 to give you an idea of what will be the most popular in the coming years.

Android Instant Apps

Android users can tap to try out an app or game entirely without going through the installation process when they use Google Play Instant. Likewise, the instant apps on our website do not require users to download them or install any software to use them. They are as simple to use as a website and operate directly from the cloud. These apps do not overload your mobile device and take up valuable space. Apps such as these significantly reduce the amount of clutter on mobile devices caused by unnecessary apps.

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Motion Layout

It has been shown in several places that Motion Layout adds new things to android development to master the transition between layout transitions and complex motion. Motion Layout allows you to manage widget motions in your app using widget animations. The Motion Layout library is a support library included in the Constraint Layout library, which is backwards-compatible with API levels 14 and older. It is seen that Motion Layout is widely used in application like wealth management app, gaming app or money management app such as Prillionaires which is a pre-seed start-up that offers the most user-friendly and sophisticated money management app with a net worth tracker. With Prillionaires you can monitor and track your wealth like a billionaire. The Motion Layout provides complete decorativeness regardless of the transitions’ complexity or magnitude by describing them in XML.


Enterprise Mobile Management and Application Performance Management are components of enterprise mobile app development that aim to decrease the performance time of mobile applications. The rapid advancement of mobile app development has brought with it certain expectations about the quality of the developed mobile apps. This standard aims not only to ensure the safety and security of apps but also that data is exchanged more efficiently over mobile devices.

Kotlin Multi-platform

Multi-platform libraries in Kotlin allow standard and platform-specific code to reuse the same logic across multiple platforms. Multi-platform programming support is one of the critical advantages of native development. It minimizes the time spent writing code for conflicting and different media and leverages the functionality and benefits of native programming.

5G Technology

The speed and performance of 5G technologies are far greater than the results delivered by 4G networks. This would be unthinkable if it were not for 5G technology. Using 5G technology, the fastest data transmission speed recordable, developers can build a high-performance and feature-rich application that will boost business performance by up to 100 GBPS.

Chatbots/Google Assistant

Chatbots are expected to be in great demand in the coming year. There is no doubt that chatbots are changing how businesses interact with their customers and solve their problems. Several industries, including on-demand services such as food delivery, eCommerce, and retail, are becoming increasingly reliant on the creation of Chatbots. Moreover, chatbots are likely to change the way businesses interact with their customers by using their iPhones and Android smartphones. Chatbots allow mobile app services to offer immediate responses to customer requests. For instance, delivery services, online shopping, and transportation services can all be handled by chatbots.

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On-demand applications

During the recent pandemic, people’s lives have changed forever, resulting in a demand for on-demand computing services that can be used as needed. As a result, many industries utilize on-demand mobile apps to reach their target audience. This is the case for everything from healthcare to travel, retail, hotels, groceries, and too many more.

Android Jetpack

The Jetpack product suite includes libraries, tools, and guidance for developers to make high-quality writing applications a simple process. Through this sort of component, you can follow best practices, produce boilerplate code without writing it by hand, and make complex tasks easy so you can focus on the system you care about. In addition, Android Jetpack is a tool that combines all the existing support libraries, architectures, and structures to deal with central issues such as Android app management and backward compatibility.

Augmented Reality

With AR/VR and AI, Android app development trends are taking the next step by providing breakthroughs in immersive technologies, such as its Visual Positioning Service (VPS). Talking about trends, consider TheMoonTrends for the latest in fashions and other areas. This is one of the most recent AR technologies for detecting and simulating visual features in the user’s environment.


While Android application development trends come and go, it is critical to assess the most recent technological advancements and seize possibilities. However, it is crucial to avoid the desire to follow all trends. Before taking the plunge, carefully evaluate numerous issues such as technical skills, funding, company requirements, and infrastructure.

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